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Safekeeping: SDA 2023 Gallery

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

It was an incredible honor to be part of this exhibition. I loved traveling to Tulsa and meeting with other artists and members of the board the night before the opening. It was a welcoming and energizing time, and I look forward to more opportunities.

Artist stands next to woven sculptural bag. Bag is black.
Lindi and Bag of Sorrows at SDA

Anita Fields was the juror for Safekeeping: SDA 2023. Enjoy an excerpt from her juror statement and a link to the gallery.

"The artists selected for Safekeeping take bold risks. In their diverse practices, they look to innovative techniques that are cutting-edge and experimental. They don’t hold back their thoughts, influences, or what drives their work. Their artist statements reveal highly personal, compelling stories of the complexities of being human. They speak to sorrow, joy, relationships to land, heritage, and the fragile state of our environment." Enjoy her entire statement here and a link to the image gallery here.

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